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The motor yacht Merry Fisher 795 from the renowned French boat manufacturer Jeanneau is the latest addition to our fleet. The classic shapes of the motorboat are complemented by a practically shaped superstructure with a spacious interior and cockpit, which can comfortably seat up to 8 people. Thanks to the 200-horsepower engine you will be able to enjoy a fast sailing in a "slip" with the wind in your hair.


Boarding takes place at Náplavka - Výtoň approx. 50m behind the Kayak Bar towards Vyšehrad.


After boarding we set out along the river towards the center to see Prague's monuments incl. Prague Castle or the Dancing House or we sail around Vyšehrad to Žluté lázně.

On hot summer days it is possible to stop swimming anywhere along the way. In the section between Modřany and Barrandov Bridge it is also possible to test how YachtBoat Speed ​​got its name. So fast ride in a slip (up to 50 km/h). When returning from the center back to the port, you will definitely not be bored…

Morning and afternoon cruises (until 5 PM)

If you have a booked cruise between 9 AM and 5 PM and you plan to enjoy summer and water rather than a busy city, it is possible to pass through the Modřany chamber and head upstream towards the confluence of the Vltava and Berounka rivers in Vraný nad Vltavou. The water in the river is cleaner here and therefore more suitable for swimming. For individual longer voyages, it is then possible to pass through another chamber and set off in the magical meanders of Vltava towards Davle.

We also offer fully individual cruises based on your wishes and preferences. Please contact us in such a case.


All our cruises include professional captain and using of all the facilities of the boat and drinking water for free. In addition to the rear seating, it is also possible to use the "sunbathing" area with soft loungers on the bow. You can book for two or three hours and you have a possibility to choose your own route. 

Food and drinks can be ordered separately after booking, you will receive our ordering link via email.


Please check your requested date and time in our calendar before the booking.


All the details regarding our prices can be found here.


  • 100 % in advance by pro-forma invoice

  • 40 % in advance by pro-forma invoice (rest of amount one week before the cruise by pro-forma or in cash before the cruise)



Cruises timetable:

  • we are quite flexible for this short cruise, just let us know a time you prefer and we will confirm it probably

Price from:

4.400 CZK



Cruises timetable:

  • morning (10-12 AM)

  • afternoon (1-3 PM)

  • afternoon (4-6 PM)

  • evening (7-9 PM)

Price from:

6.900 CZK