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Do you like the classics? Then the YachtBoat CLASSIC is the clear choice for you. It is a Czech-made houseboat offering full comfort for up to 11 passengers. It got the Classic nickname thanks to the wooden paneling, which, together with the small round windows, evokes the classic houseboats produced in years past. It has an open central cabin incl. kitchen and separate bathroom with shower and toilet. You will certainly appreciate the generous upper deck with variable seating and a grill.


11 passengers + captain


Outdoor terrace with seating, indoor seating with bar, toilet, shower, kitchen with all utensils, fridge, grill, JBL bluetooth speaker, USB charging sockets.


The cruise starts in a small port in a blind arm of the Vltava right next to the Libeňské bridge. After leaving the port, the route leads through lesser-known corners of the Vltava in the territory of Holešovice and Libno. Here you can enjoy the quiet moorings for older residential houseboats or the modern architecture of the local luxury new buildings.
Next, it is up to you whether to go to the busier center with beautiful views or towards the quieter Troja and Stromovce, where you will be surrounded by greenery and you can grill undisturbed or just meditate and relax with friends on board.
We get to the center through the Štvanice lock. After sailing through the chamber, which is an experience in itself, you will soon have unique views of Prague Castle or the majestic buildings of the Faculty of Law and the Rudolfinum. The icing on the cake is the famous Charles Bridge itself, under which you can sail and experience it from a completely different perspective. The Old Town Tower or the National Museum can also be seen from the deck. We can linger for a while at the Charles Bridge, soak up the atmosphere of historic Prague and take unique pictures. We then return by the same route back to the port in Libeň, where the cruise ends.
During the entire cruise, you can choose any place to stop, either in the middle of the river or get off for a short walk through the city.


We board at the Císařské louka port (Orthodocks port) or at Náplavka - Výton (approx. 50 meters behind the Kayak bar towards Vyšehrad). A link to a map with the exact departure point will be sent to you after booking.


All our cruises include a professional captain and the possibility of using all the ship's equipment, incl. beer taps with cooling and free drinking water. You can book a cruise for three or five hours and you have the option to choose your own route.

Food and drinks are ordered after sending the reservation, you will receive our order link. In the case of own drinks, a corkage fee of CZK 300 per person is payable (if you order drinks, food or extra services for more than 4.900 CZK, the corkage fee is not paid).

You can also order our Extra services such as grilling with a chef, rum tasting, live music or hostess/striptease.



Full details of our prices can be found here.


  • 100% in advance by proforma invoice

  • 50% deposit in advance by proforma invoice (additional payment a week before sailing by proforma invoice or in cash before sailing)

Classic3 TINY.jpg


Cruises timetable:

  • morning (8-11 AM)

  • midday (12-3 PM)

  • afternoon (4-7 PM)


11.900 CZK

Classic2 - TINY.jpg


Cruises timetable:

  • afternoon (12-5 PM)

  • evening cruise on request


14.900 CZK

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