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The modern Traweller YB35 houseboat offers full comfort for up to 11 passengers ( + captain). Open central cabin with bar incl. kitchen, separate bathroom with shower and toilet, terrace on the upper deck with barbecue and sitting area for sunbathing or sightseeing. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience.


We embark in the port on Císařská louka (port of Orthodocks) or on Náplavka - Výtoň (walk 50m from Kayak bar to Vyšehrad). Link to the map with exact location indication will be sent to your mailbox after booking.




The cruise route is variable according to your needs and wishes. In general, there are two areas in the upper part of the Vltava that you can enjoy on a boat: downstream to the center of Prague and upstream around Žluté lázně towards Modřany.

The center is of course suitable for those interested in monuments (Prague Castle, Vyšehrad, Náplavka, Dancing House, Mánes Gallery). As part of a longer 5-hour voyage, compared to the shorter variant, it is also possible to pass through the lock chamber towards Charles Bridge and Štvanice (needs to be booked in advance and can not be guaranteed).

The upper part of the stream is in the vicinity of Žluté lázně, where there are sandy or grassy beaches and many other pleasant places. This part is calmer and greener, it is also possible to swim, because the water is cleaner here.

Usually we will catch both parts within 3h and 5h of the cruise. However, you have one big advantage - whenever you say exactly where you want and we will take you there. It's hot and you've seen all the sights? So let's go swimming, have a barbecue and relax in the Yellow Spa. Or is it a pleasant spring evening? So enjoy the center like no other and enjoy the night Prague from the surface of the Vltava!

You can also choose any place to stop, whether in the middle of the river or even take a short walk. Large bar boats offer special drinks and snacks on Náplavka, as well as stalls on the beaches in Žluté lázně.

We also offer fully individual cruises based on your wishes and preferences. Please contact us in such a case.


All our cruises include professional captain and using of all the facilities of the boat incl. beer faucer with cooling and drinking water for free. You can book for 3 or 5 hours and you have a possibility to choose your own route.

Food and drinks can be ordered separately after booking, you will receive our ordering link via email. In case of your own drinks (and no food through us) there's a fee of 1800 CZK.

You can also order our Extra services such a barbecue, tastings, live music or hostess/stripper.


Please check your requested date and time in our calendar before the booking.


All the details regarding our prices can be found here.


  • 100 % in advance by pro-forma invoice

  • 40 % in advance by pro-forma invoice (rest of amount one week before the cruise by pro-forma or in cash before the cruise)



Cruises timetable:

  • morning (9-12 AM)

  • afternoon (2-5 PM)

  • evening (7-10 PM)

This is basic cruise version.

Price from:

8.900 CZK



Cruises timetable:

  • afternoon (12-5 PM)

  • evening (6-11 PM)

Includes Smíchov lift-lock pass towards Charles bridge. Needs to be booked in advance and can not be guaranteed.

Price from:

10.900 CZK