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Both catering and special services below can be ordered via booking form you receive right after the reservation to your email.

Stoocked Buffet

Premium catering (BBQ with service)

Treat yourself to a top-quality catering made of hot and cold tapas, with a private chef on board. Choose from exclusive dishes such as marinated chilli shrimps, or tramezzini canapés with smoked salmon, dill créme fraiche and a roasted lemon peel. Or opt for assorted premium cold cuts, fine Dutch hard cheese selection, greek olives, and more. The menu includes two kinds of steak meats as well. Catering is available for a minimum of 6 people, consumption is unlimited for the entire duration of the cruise. Please mind that a private chef reduces the boat capacity by one person.

3h cruise 6 persons - 7.800 CZK (1.300 CZK / person), each additional person 1.000 CZK

5h cruise 6 persons - 9.000 CZK (1.500 CZK / person), each additional person 1.000 CZK

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting with a sommelier

Enjoy exclusive wine tasting with an experienced sommelier while cruising. The whole tasting lasts 1-2 hours and typically, 6 different samples are presented. However, the wine selection is broad, so everything can be prepared to fit your specific needs. Mainly, the choice of wines depends on your preferences. If you want to experience great wine tasting on a boat, please mind that the sommelier's presence reduces its capacity by one person.

Wine tasting for 5 persons - 5.800 CZK, each additional person 500 CZK



If you wish, we'll provide some really top-quality music for your boat trip. Housecontrolz are two young DJs and producers from the Czech city of Kolín. They mainly focus on House, Tech House and Techno styles, however, Housecontrolz are on the cruise for you, and can play you almost anything you prefere. The DJs are no newbies and regularly appear throughout the whole country, including Prague clubs such as Retro Music Hall, One Club or Ateliér. The presence of Housecontrolz on board reduces the boat capacity by 2 people.

3h cruise - 5.500 CZK

5h cruise - 7.500 CZK

Food Photographer

Professional photographer

We have several professional photographers ready to beautifully capture the entire voyage for you. Tell us what your idea of ​​the resulting photos is and we'll offer you the most suitable candidates. If you'd like, you can first check out examples of their work and choose who you like the best. Please mind that the presence of a photographer on board reduces the boat capacity by 1 person.

Photographer 1h - 2.500 CZK

Photographer 3h - 4.500 CZK


Sexy male waiter

Introducing a very hot service, perfect for when the ladies take over the boat. A sexy topless waiter may be just the saucy bonus your cruise needs. Enjoy perfect on-board service from the hands of a man who looks his absolute best when NOT wearing a shirt. The presence of a sexy waiter reduces the boat capacity by 1 person.

Sexy male waiter 3h - 2.500 CZK


Cocktails by a professional bartender

We'll arrange a professional male or female bartender (according to your preferences) from the best cocktail bars in Prague. Stylish cocktails served in themed glasses and containers are decorated with organic ingredients such as dried fruit, fresh pepper, or herbs. We offer the services of a bartender for at least 6 people. His or her presence reduces the capacity of the boat by one person. Consumption of cocktails is unlimited throughout the whole cruise.

3h cruise - 1.750 CZK / person (minimum is 6 persons)

5h cruise - 2.500 CZK / person (minimum is 6 persons)

Fancy Drinks

Rum tasting with a sommelier

Make your boat trip interesting, fun, and exciting with an extraordinary rum experience! Rum tasting with a sommelier became a very popular part of many corporate and other social events. You'll learn a lot of interesting things about the popular drink, and of course get to taste some premium samples — 7 different ones to be exact. The rum tasting is available for a group of at least 6 people, and because there's a sommelier on board, the boat capacity is reduced by one person.

Rum tasting for 6 persons - 12.000 CZK, each additional person 1.750 CZK

Maggini's violin

Live music - violin, cello or piano

A wonderful cruise deserves a wonderful musical experience. We'll arrange a solo violinist, a violin-cello duet, or a violin-piano duet. The repertoire of all musicians is very diverse and in addition to classical music, it also includes legendary hits, pop, rock or film melodies. The length of the performance is optional, anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. IPlease mind that with each musician, the boat capacity decreases.

Violin 1h - 3.300 CZK
Violin 2h - 4.500 CZK
Violin 3h - 5.500 CZK


Duo-violin + cello 1h - 5.500 Kč
Duo-violin + cello 2h - 7.000 Kč
Duo-violin + cello 3h - 8.000 Kč

Hair Models


Do you need the services of a hostess on board? No problem. Just tell us what needs to be taken care of and we'll find the most suitable, and always 100% professional girl (or girls) who knows how things work out during the cruise. Please note that with each hostess, the boat capacity is reduced by 1 person.

Hostess 3h - 1.500 CZK

Hostess 5h - 2.500 CZK


Male stripper

Imagine there was a very handsome young man, who'd appear on board during your cruise just to undress slowly (and completely) in front of everyone. We can make that happen. Enjoy a 10 minute strip show with a professional dancer right on the boat. If you decide for the services of a male stripper, please mind that his presence reduces the boat capacity by 1 person.

Male stripper - 3.500 CZK (for performance)