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Frequently Asked Questions

Can there be more than eleven or eight or six of us? (based on a selected boat)

Our boat has a maximum capacity of twelve people (or nine or seven depending on your choice of boat) including the captain.  We can increase the capacity by adding a small boat (you can all be together on one boat) up to 15 people. Capacity can only be increased on ONE and CLASSIC boats. Unfortunately, we cannot increase the capacity of the other boats.

For larger groups we can also tie two larger boats together, check out our YachtBoat COMBO!

What if it rains?


The rain doesn't matter. From our side, we cancel/reschedule the cruise only in case of strong storms or wind, i.e. in case it would be dangerous to make the cruise. The final decision is always up to the captain.


If it were only rain, the most of our boats have indoor spaces and in case of showers you can hide with the boat under one of the historic bridges, where there is a very nice atmosphere with music and you can also grill here.

Can I play my own music on the boat?


Yes, all boats are equipped with speakers that you can easily connect via bluetooth to your device and play your own music.

When do I have to pay the corkage fee?


Corkage fee (300/person) is payable if you bring your own drinks and snacks. On the SPEED and MINI ships, a one-time corkage fee of 900 CZK is payable for the entire group. There is no corkage fee if you place an order with us with a minimum value of 4.900 CZK (for example, you order only drinks through us and food is on your own, or vice versa; applies also for Extra services), or if there are only two of you on the ship.

Will the ordered drinks and catering already be on the ship?


Yes. If you create an order for drinks and catering with us and make a payment in advance (payment details sent after the order is created) everything will be waiting for you on the ship so you don't have to worry about anything.


What about shipping your own supplies?

You can bring your own supplies on board before the start of the cruise. Or if you have a daytime schedule (and the cruise is a surprise, for example), we will send you an address where you can bring your own supplies on the morning of the cruise and the captain will deliver them to the ship.

What is the equipment of the ship? For example, do I have to bring my own dishes?


You don't have to. All ships have an equipped kitchen (glasses, plates, cutlery). On boats with a grill, there are also utensils for grilling. There are also blankets on the boats in case you get cold in the evening.

How do I get to you?


You will find the embarkation points in the signature of each boat on the website. After you pay the deposit (or the full amount), you will be emailed the detailed embarkation locations according to your chosen boat, including exact locations on Google Maps.

How do I contact the captain?

The day before the cruise (at the latest on the morning of the cruise) you will be emailed the phone number of your captain, who you can call as soon as you arrive at the boarding point.

Can I decorate the boat before sailing?


Of course. You can reach the boarding point in 15 min. before the start of the voyage and decorate the ship. If you want to have the boat decorated before your arrival, you need to arrange an agency, unfortunately the captains cannot do this. We will be happy to contact your chosen agency and give them all the necessary information.

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