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In general our boats operate from April until October however based on the weather conditions a season can be longer. Also there's an option to sail winter cruises on request, just let us know in case of such a wish.

Food and drinks are ordered after sending the reservation, you will receive our order link. In the case of own drinks, a corkage fee of CZK 300 per person is payable (if you order drinks, food or extra services for more than 4.900 CZK, the corkage fee is not paid). There is a fixed fee 900 CZK on the smaller boats SPEED and MINI.

Do you wish to book a time not specified below? No problem, just let us know.

YachtBoat ONE

3-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 9.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 11.900 CZK

5-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 13.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 15.900 CZK

YachtBoat SPEED

1-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 4.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 5.900 CZK

2-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 7.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 9.900 CZK


3-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 8.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 10.900 CZK

5-hours Cruise

Sunday-Thursday - 12.900 CZK

Friday and Saturday - 14.900 CZK


3-hours Cruise

Monday - Sunday - 11.900 CZK

5-hours Cruise

Monday - Sunday - 14.900 CZK

YachtBoat MINI

1-hours Cruise

Monday - Sunday - 4.900 CZK

2-hours Cruise

Monday - Sunday - 7.900 CZK

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